Getting Revenge on a Debt Collector in Court

Kansas City, Missouri consumer wins $83 million judgment against Portfolio Recovery Associates. We routinely fight Portfolio and many have counterclaims like in the case in this article. If you want to learn about your rights, contact the attorneys at Boevingloh & Pliakos. Read the article here.

Voiding Judgments

We’ve had a series of successes over the past year voiding judgments. If a judgment has already been taken against you, you must move to set it aside within 30 days. If you fail to do that you can file a motion to set it aside within one year using more limited grounds. If the […]

Capital One Bank (NA) USA

Do we win these cases? Yes, and by win I mean you pay nothing to Capital One and get a dismissal. Some attorneys and debt negotiators are under the mistaken belief that first party cases are impossible to win. That simply isn’t true. Sure they are harder and yes we make offers to settle on […]


This are just some of the survey responses we’ve received over the last few years. “I truly appreciated your service.” Rommel “Thank you for your great help, I recommended [another person] to your office.  You did a great job and know your business.” Allan “We have another case also with your office. We feel confident that it […]

Disputed Debt Letter

Many of you have asked for a sample disputed debt letter. This is a fairly good one, but like anything you may want an attorney to review it before you send it out: {Today’s Date} {Your Name} {Your Address} {Collector’s Name} {Collector’s Address} {Here are some samples} Gamache & Myers, P.C. 1000 Camera Ave Ste […]

Serving All of Missouri

You may have noticed that our posts over the last few months have been slower than normal. A couple of things have lead to this. One we made a few video blog posts which are adding slowly to the website. Our hope is that these video blogs will get the message out to more people. […]

Don’t Give Out Your Information for Free

I was at court this morning waiting for the judge to return to the bench to make a ruling. I overheard a debt collection attorney speaking with a debtor. The debtor was initially reserved and skeptical, which is good. The collection attorney was courteous and nice. He cracked a joke and the debtor relaxed. Then the collection attorney very nicely […]