Continuing Legal Education

Missouri attorneys are required to have fifteen hours of continuing legal education each year. The first hour of the training was FDCPA lawsuits. While the information was nothing new the discussion in a room full of attorneys, most of whom do not practice in consumer law was interesting. Many of the attorneys didn’t understand the […]

Debtor Exams and Your 5th Amendment Rights

A new case was handed down by the Missouri Supreme Court this summer, State ex rel. Nothum v Walsh (Mo.2012). This case is great because it clarifies the issue that a debtor can plead the 5th and refuse to testify in a debtor exam, even if the prosecutor grants immunity. No longer can a debt collector   […]

Can I Go to Jail for a Debt?

Can I go to jail for a debt? This is a question we receive a lot. My old answer was no. It is rare that someone in Missouri is arrested over a debt. We no longer have something called debtors’ prison. Even if a judgment is taken against you you can’t go to jail for the judgment. […]

FTC Penn Corner

The FTC sends our a regular update on consumer affairs work called the “Penn Corner”. We use the “Penn Corner” to stay up on new issues in consumer law. The latest “Penn Corner” can be found at

Millions Saved

Boevingloh & Pliakos has saved our clients millions of dollars over the years. We have been so successful because we don’t settle many cases. The vast majority of cases we win, which means you get a dismissal and you pay nothing back to the debt collector. If you are sued by a debt collector such as Litow […]

Missouri Debt Defense Attorneys

At Boevingloh & Pliakos we handle cases from all over Missouri. Clients are surprised to find out that we handle cases from all over Missouri, not just the St. Louis metro area. We routinely represent clients being sued by debt collectors in, for example, Greene County (Springfield, MO), Boone County (Columbia, MO) and many other areas of the state. […]

Debt Settlement Secrets

Many of our clients have multiple credit cards. They often ask us to settle other debts for them as part of our representation. (Just a word of caution, don’t default on your debt it’s just not worth it, but if you default here are a few tips). First, you don’t need to hire anyone to negotiate for […]

Stopping Foreclosure

Many people are referred to our office because they are facing foreclosure. Unfortunately Missouri is a non-judicial foreclosure state. This means that the lender does not have to go to court to start a foreclosure. So when we fight a non-judicial foreclosure we don’t defend a lawsuit instead we must become the plaintiff and become […]

St. Louis County – Twenty First (21st) Judicial Circuit Court

Our office routinely handles cases in many eastern Missouri counties in the St. Louis metro area (Pike, Jefferson, Washington, St. Charles and many more). St. Louis County or the Twenty First (21st) Judicial Circuit Court has dockets almost every day of the week. Judge Patrick Clifford in Division 39 has large dockets many times a month. If your case is on one […]

Sued by a Collection Company?

St. Louis has two big law firms representing most collection companies and a handful of other law firms filling in the gaps. Most are competent and do a good job winning cases and collecting debts. That’s why you need an experienced law firm. The collection company attorneys know what they are doing and they know what they need […]