You may have noticed that our posts over the last few months have been slower than normal. A couple of things have lead to this. One we made a few video blog posts which are adding slowly to the website. Our hope is that these video blogs will get the message out to more people. For every case we fight, and usually win, there are 20 more that just give up because they don’t know their options. Secondly, since 2012 we’ve made a big push into all corners of Missouri. We made this decision because we found that their just weren’t qualified attorneys with the expertise and experience that we have to win debt cases in many smaller counties. We’ve spent a great deal of time behind the scenes making sure that we can provide quality service to clients in even the smallest counties in Missouri. So if Gamache & Myers at, Kramer & Frank at, Miller & Steeno at, Litow and Pech at or many others are suing you call us at 800-989-1492.